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MON 05/05/08 Perkampung nelayan tradisional, kat sini hanya kereta penduduk tempatan yg dibenarkan masuk. Memandangkan nak masuk ke kampung ni kena mendaki sikit dan kami pulak ramai dan dah agak kepenatan kami pun naik le bas yg disediakan(dgn sedikit bayaran), ada juga kereta kudu tapi fee lebih sikit dari bas.
Masa kami sampai, ada pulak duck races dan gerai mcm carboot so bila beli duck tu beli sekali hadiah(pilih no kat barangan) kat gerai tu. Tapi ada satu gerai tu dia jual brg dia bila kami mintak nak beli ada juga tak nak jual - for duck race katanya.

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internet pun dah tak boleh pakai
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SAT 3/05/08 Tempat ni dah berapa menarik sebabnya mereka dlm proses nak pindah ke tempat lain, tak berbaloi langsung bayar entrance fee

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SUN 04/05/08 Eden is a truly unique experience, in the heart of Cornwall's Clay Mining country - a place to explore the amazing relationship that exists between the human population and the fascinating world of plants - and the extent that depend on plants for a very existence.

The world's largest geodesic domes contain two distinct biosphere's for you to explore, the Humid Tropical Biome featuring a jungle environment and the Warm Temperate Biome, featuring plant species from the Mediterranean, South Africa and California. Whilst outside there is a series of landscaped gardens where you can enjoy a diverse collection of plants from the Wild Cornwall section to the terraced tea slopes.

Warm Temperate Biome - the diversity of plant species that have evolved to survive in the semi drought conditions that exist in the Mediterranean Basin, California and South Africa.

The flora of the Cape is in a class of its own, with a unique collection of species. The biome has examples of Protea family and heath plants from the Fynbos region and the daisy like flowers of the baking hot Namaqualand.

California - The path winds back on itself towards the entrance - into the Californian, South San Francisco Bay exhibit. They put together a display of central valley prairie vegetation and chaparral species from the foothills of Nevada.

Mediterranean Basin - the cradle of the society the Ancient Greek culture has been attributed to the trade in Olive Oil and is the natural habitat of this special species, which will grow in poor, salty soil, is able to survive drought and the intense dry heat of summer.

The Humid Tropics Biome - has been created in the World's largest conservatory (240m long, 55m high and 110m wide). The biome houses over 2000 species of carefully selected tropical plants in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential.

The Oceanic Islands - The first region that you encounter on your clockwise stroll through this impressive biome is the Oceanic Islands. The path takes you past the "Tropical Trader" - a sculpture of a ship's bows, created by local artist, David Kemp (constructed by the ship repairers at Penzance Dry Docks). Oceania has suffered badly by colonisation and introduction of new - and often inappropriate - species.

Malaysia - gently curves around the mangrove and tranquil pools you enter the Malaysian rainforest display. The Asian house, constructed from rattan and bamboo, instantly impresses you sitting in its own kitchen garden. The house is based on actual smallholdings found in the Borneo village of Kampong Tampinau. The gardens of the region provide food, building materials, medicines and crops to sell at the local markets.

West Africa - where the agro forestry techniques, as practiced by the people of Ndoumdjom in Cameroon, can be seen. Agro forestry allows farmers to produce food crops, cash crops and improve the soil of their environment. Crops of maize, coffee and sorghum are planted under the canopy of trees. The farmers also plant a species of leguminous trees, which can be seen at the side of the path, as these protect the crops, prevent soil erosion, provide a crop themselves and fix nitrogen in the soil - improving fertility.

Tropical South America - The path curves back on itself and the slight incline that we have hardly noticed so far, suddenly gets significantly steeper. It's a jungle in here.

Crops and Cultivation - leopard sculpture. The rain forest provides our civilisation with many important materials such as the cola tree, which has become such a part of the global culture, Pineapples and peanuts.
- petikan internet

bila sampai kat kaw msia, nostalgia masa kecik-kecik dulu datang...kalau kat msia pun susah dah nak jumpa rumah kampung dulu-dulu

*punyalah kami ni excited nak masuk kat tempat ni...bila sampai aje kat entrance dia baru perasan amzar tak de..berderau juga rasa..terpaksalah hubby lari ke kereta balik cari dia..rupanya dia memang kat dlm kereta tgh main game, masa kami turun kereta tadi dia tidur..maklumlah ramai sgt kanak-kanak (campur dgn anak-anak my bro) nasible dia bukak tingkat kereta...

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tengok life lagi cantik...
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SAT 03/05/08 Our 2nd destination is Minack Theatre - a world famous open-air theatre located right on the coastline of Porthcurnobay with spectacular views of Atlantic Ocean as it back-drop. Build in the style of Roman Amphitheatre, Minack was the brainchild of Rowena Cade, who lived in a cottage behind the theatre.
Masa kami pegi ni tak de la org main teater, show bila musim panas aje...

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front gate
Dr. Who's Time Machine
famous land's end signpost
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SAT 03/05/08Our first destination is to Land's End because it is one of the most popular outdoor attraction in Cornwall. Situated on the westerly point of mainland Britain, it is surrounded by spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Amzar paling seronok kat sini sebab dapat tengok most of the Dr Who props - semua props dia nak bergambar.

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