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Thursday, 8-May-2008 09:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark

our first holiday in Caravan
chef wan
living area
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Gambar sekitar tempat penginapan kami semasa bercuti ke Cornwall

Wednesday, 7-May-2008 20:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark

tension je...
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SAT 26/04/08Today Amzar(Talal's party) and Hilmi ada bday party, Hilmi wil go for duck tours(Jamie party), hubby antar dia kat london eye at 2.30 and he need to be collected at school at 6.30pm. For more info ( Amzar will have bowling and ice scatting at Queensway bowl.
I have to send Amzar and meet hubby at the Queensway bowl.
Sementara nak tunggu party habis we all lepak kat hyde park.Dlm pukul 5 we all masuk jenguk Amzar,
bila nampak Ammar terus Talal's mom ajak Ammar join bowling....suka sangat le Ammar
By 6pm hubby have to rush back to pick up Hilmi..terpaksalah myself tunggu sampai diaorang habis bowling - almost 7pm.

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THU 24/04/08Amzar's class having a trip Westferry Printers for their unit of inquiry - Mass Media under the Transdiciplinary Theme of 'how we express ourselves'. The students explored all forms of media and advertisement, but not to any inappropriate material.

Mr C (Cavana) had remind the students to wear 'office attire' - shirt and tie. One lucky pairs will be on the website on that day and their photo will be on the front page. Amzar and partner is the lucky pair!!

*photo attached from their website.

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tak beli pun..
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SAT 19/04/08 No plan for today so bila buka blog Azam terbaca pulak cerita dia ke Milton Keynes Actually tak plan pun nak kesini, tapi nothing to do so suggest kat hubby we spend our time (and money??? coz voucher gambar queen yg hubby bagi masa bday ari tu belum guna lagi) ke Milton Keynes. Hubby pun surf internet pasal Milton Keynes, adalah pulak indor snow boarding so dia kata next time le kita ke sana(too late for today) nanti boleh main indoor snow sekali so dia suggest ke Bicester Village aje. After lunch around 2pm baru kami bertolak, sampai sana orang punyalah ramai, lebih ramai dari Boxing Day. Pusing punya pusing kat situ tak de pun yang berkenan nak beli, akhirnya voucher tu dihabiskan dlm kedai Wedgwood - menambahkan koleksi.

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entering the centre
morning session
matching puzzle
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TUE 15/04/08Today accompany Hilmi's trip to Islington Recycling Centre also part of their unit of inquiry- WHAT A WASTE dapat juga knowledge pasal recycle ni. Actually myself tak nak join this trip, tapi last minute one of the parent tarik diri coz anak dia demam, as a class parent terpaksalah ganti tempat dia. This time the teacher did not form the students into group, so parents tak le ada specific students yg nak kena jaga. Eventhough tempat ni kiranya macam tempat sampah tapi sikit pun tak ada bau sampah..
They ask us to have our lunch at the park nearby maybe for hygene purpose.

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